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NurExone Biologic Advances Glaucoma Research with Cutting-Edge Exosome-Based Therapies (TSXV: NRX, OTCQB: NRXBF)


TORONTO and HAIFA, Israel, June 28, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NurExone Biologic Inc. (TSXV: NRX), (OTCQB: NRXBF), (Germany: J90) (the “Company” or “NurExone”), a pioneering biopharmaceutical company, announced a preclinical study to explore the potential of NurExone’s exosome-based therapies in regenerating damaged optic nerves (i.e. glaucoma). The study is the latest step in expanding potential clinical indications for NurExone Biologic’s exosome-loaded drugs.

Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that can cause vision loss and blindness by damaging the optic nerve in the back of the eye.

The global market for optic nerve disorders treatment was US$3.4 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach US$5.3 billion by 2031, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 4.5% from 2022 to 2031. 

Prof. Michael Belkin commented: “We are excited to perform preclinical studies on optical nerve regeneration at the Sheba Medical Center Eye Institute. If this experimental direction is successful, I believe we may be able to translate the success quickly to clinical practice. Our ultimate goal is to restore and improve the quality of life for individuals affected by optic nerve diseases and injuries.”

Chart-wise, NXR has had a good year price-wise to date. The other plus is that it brings the tech into the realm of all investors, as glaucoma is a well-known disease. We all know someone with it or suffer from it ourselves.

The Background Biotech

Initial indications from a preclinical study have demonstrated the potential for an off-the-shelf therapy for non-invasive administration shortly after spinal cord trauma. The product, which would not require personalization, is expected to reduce damage from a spinal cord injury and to improve the chance of functional recovery.

Its ExoTherapy platform is used to develop the first exosome-loaded nano-drug, ExoPTEN, for acute Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI), targeted at a global market projected at 2.9 billion dollars. Partnerships and licensing of the ExoTherapy platform to the global biopharmaceutical industry targeting other diseases and indications.

I believe the Company is smart to develop Glaucoma treatment. At the same time, it is likely just the start of many afflictions that benefit from its delivery tech, which also attracts more interest from a larger pool of investors. As with all biopharmaceuticals, there is that sweet spot where complex technology reaches out with a commonality it may have lacked. 

In other words, people/investors see the clinical/investment potential.

Don’t Forget

In light of this biotech announcement, let’s remember another factor that enhances NRX’s potential: Orphan Drug Status.

While the FDA Orphan Drug Designation is an exceptional win for the Company, it has limitations. The same designation from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for its groundbreaking ExoPTEN product gives NurExone global reach.

Orphan Drug Designation is granted to therapies addressing rare diseases, providing incentives to encourage the development of treatments for conditions affecting a small number of patients. Notable benefits of Orphan Drug Designation in Europe include ten years of market exclusivity in the European Union, fee reduction, financial incentives, and extended market protection.

Not a chartist but the above certainly looks enticing. Remember that this is a junior company with a 52-week trade range of CDN0.185 to CDN1.19. 

If one peruses recent Press Releases, it becomes apparent that the Company is acquiring world-class experts to work with its in-place world-class experts.

  • Dr. Yona Geffen will serve as a consultant to support the Company’s preclinical and clinical activities. Dr. Geffen, who currently serves as Vice President of Research and Development at Gamida Cell Ltd. (“Gamida Cell”), brings over two decades of extensive experience in leading clinical and drug development in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. 
  • Dr. Ram Petter, Ph.D., MBA, as a consultant, to assist in driving the Company’s strategic collaborations. With a distinguished background in the pharmaceutical industry, including significant tenure and pivotal roles at Teva Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Petter’s addition signals Neurone’s readiness for industry partnerships and licensing agreements. So, we have a novel biopharmaceutical structure to improve therapies for underserved and large markets—glaucoma and likely more to come.

Let me know a reason NOT to buy this stock. I’ll be here.

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