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Golden Rapture – The Most Undervalued Gold Exploration Company trading in the Junior Markets (CSE:GLDR)


  • Golden Rapture Mining IPO’d on the TSX Venture Exchange in March 2024
  • Plans to demonstrate sufficient scale, grade, efficiency and acumen to host a significant Tier 1 gold deposit 
  • Has a sizeable 10,000-acre land package along the Rainy River Gold District in the Dryden area of northwestern Ontario 
  • Historical gold results in the region as high as 750.00 g/t Au, with the first discovery dating back to 1885 
  • Eight distinctive gold zones give Golden Rapture multiple shots of success 
  • Hunting multiple large, high-grade gold structures on the surface that can be drilled immediately 

Gold Never Goes Out of Fashion 

Golden Rapture Mining Corporation (CSE: GLDR) is a newly listed gold exploration company focused on redefining a  historical, significant and high-grade gold deposit.  

Golden Rapture’s listing comes when Canada’s initial public offerings (IPOs) are experiencing a financial regarding what’s to be expected, as investors flocked to futuristic A.I. tech stocks.  

Only 51 Canadian IPOs were completed in 2023 (15 were mining companies), raising a meagre total of $202 million, a decrease of 88% compared to 2022 and 98% compared to 2021. This $202 million is $597 million below the previous low of $799 million, recorded in 2016. 

With Nvidia’s market cap worth more than Canada’s entire economy, we’re bound to see a reversal away from overpriced tech stocks. Commercial and retail investors are already rushing back to good ol’ gold to hedge their bets.  

Gold is the ultimate hedge in an uncertain economy. Gold always stays in fashion for investors. 

The Making of Ontario’s Newest High-Grade Gold Camp 

The Rainy River gold mining district of northwestern Ontario, where Golden Rapture operates, is renowned for its rich history. Its first gold discovery dates back to 1885 during the short-lived “Lake of Woods Gold Rush.” Bonanza gold grades and visible gold were common on this exciting property. The gold rush was short-lived when most prospectors stampeded on to the bigger gold rush at Klondike in 1897.  

The area represents a treasure trove of forgotten opportunities that are being brought back to life using modern and efficient techniques. Unlike many exploration companies, the company said it is not looking for typical geophysical anomalies but also for multiple large, high-grade gold structures identified on the surface that can be drilled immediately. The firm owns an astonishing eighteen (18) mine shafts on its spacious 10,000-acre property in the historic Rainy River, with eight (8) gold zones, giving it more chances of success. 

Bonanza Gold Results  

The Rainy River property has been a hidden gem for many years. The short-lived “Lake of the Woods Gold Rush” in the late 1800s revealed bonanza gold grades visible on the surface. Historical gold results were as high as 740 grams per tonne. 

It is being adequately explored using modern exploration methods, including drone technology and 3D geologic models. Recent sampling results by Golden Rapture were as high as 204 grams per tonne. And judging by the picture below, they’re just scratching the proverbial surface. 

Prospective Geology in a Historic Gold Camp 

The Golden Rapture property shares many geological similarities with the nearby Rainy River producing mine, which offers potential for both Open-Pit and Underground mines. Evidence of previous production is abundant at the property. 

Rainy River’s flagship property is the Phillips Township Gold Property, located near intermediate gold producer New Gold Inc.’s (TSX-NGD) Rainy River Gold Mine, which has a reserve of over 8 million ounces. New Gold acquired the property in 2013. 

Golden Rapture could one day also be bought out by a prominent player in gold exploration and production.  

Exploration of the property first occurred during the Lake of Woods Gold Rush. The Philips Township Gold Rush started in 1885, and many properties went into production.  

The Dryden district produced over 300,000 ounces of gold, mined intermittently from the early 1900s to the 1990s. However, past work needed to be more piecemeal and limited in scope. Dryden Gold Corp. (TSX.V-DRY) has consolidated the district for the first time, giving it a unique opportunity to apply a holistic, camp-scale approach to exploration. 

Excellent Infrastructure = Low-Cost Exploration 

One of the Golden Rapture’s key advantages is exceptional Infrastructure, which translates into low-cost, year-round exploration. Golden Rapture’s land package straddles the Trans-Canada Highway, with an extensive network of logging roads and trails providing drive-in drill access. 

The town of Kenora Dryden, with a population of over 15,000, offers a skilled labour pool and an array of mining and exploration services. This allows Golden Rapture to leverage local talent without the added costs of maintaining a remote camp. 

Ultimately, companies that can advance projects from discovery through to resource development are best positioned to create outsized shareholder value. Dryden Gold CEO Maura Kolb summarizes this opportunity: 

“We’ve strategically picked up ground along what we call the Manitou-Dinorwic deformation zone,” commented Maura Kolb. “It goes from the northeast part of the property down to the southwest. We believe it’s the most important structure for gold – big and long-lived.” 

She adds that they’ve seen high-grade plunging ore shoots, a common theme among major gold camps like Rainy River. “When these intersections happen, you get high-grade shoots,” explained Kolb. “It’s pretty typical. In these systems, you see this happening quite a bit.” 

Highly Experienced Team 

When investing in new explorers, keep a close eye on their team, especially their leaders. Richard Rivet, Golden Rapture’s CEO and President, is an accomplished company builder and Entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience as a senior executive officer, founder, and director of private and publicly listed companies. 

Rivet founded and served as President of King’s Bay Gold Corporation (TSX.V-KBG) from 1998 to 2009 and also founded and served as President of Mainstream Minerals Corp (TSX.V-MJO) from 2006 to 2010. 

Behind Rivet is a team of serial entrepreneurs, such as Michael Birch, former Manitoba’s 2001 Aboriginal Entrepreneur of the Year. Birch serves as the company Director. He has consistently pioneered business ventures with First Nations. He serves as President of Direction North Transport, a company specializing in remote winter road transportation. 

Alongside Mr. Charbonneau as a director is another entrepreneur with private and public company experience. He has over 30 years of experience running numerous businesses in Montreal. His public company experience includes being a Director of King’s Bay Gold Corporation (TSX.V- KBG) from 1999 to 2003 (now Lion Rock Resources TSX.V -ROAR).  

Within our current information age, a company publicist is vital to garnering attention from both retail and commercial investors. That’s where CFO Ryan Yanch steps in. Yanch boasts over 11 years of experience in public markets. He co-founded marketing agencies and leads Guerilla Capital, consulting for over 50 public companies, hosting mining conferences and advising firms on compliance through Complychain Solutions. 

Golden Rapture also boasts several prominent Advisors with decades of experience in finance, mining, geology and compliance. One notable Advisor is James Tworek, the CEO of Element79 Gold Corp (CSE: ELEM, FSE: 7YS), a Canadian precious metals exploration company. 

Native Leadership & Community Relations 

Golden Rapture boasts strong ties to the Aboriginal community. Director Mike Birch is an Oji-Cree award-winning Entrepreneur who recently ran as a Progressive Conservative Candidate for the Keewatinook Riding. Birch was nominated as Aboriginal Entrepreneur of the Year and owns multiple Native-owned businesses that provide employment opportunities in remote Manitoba Communities.  

In addition, Jason Wilson sits on the advisory board of Golden Rapture and has a strong track record of brokering deals with First Nations and the Canadian Government. He previously was the National Director of the Aboriginal Peoples Commission (APC) for the Jean Chretien government and is currently an advisor to the B.C. government on Indian and Northern Affairs and a Director for the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC). 

Northwestern Ontario remains extremely mining-friendly, ranking 12th overall as the most attractive jurisdiction worldwide for Mining Investment. The local community is heavily in favour of mining, given the Employment opportunities.  

The nearby Rainy River mine has been a saviour for surrounding towns like Fort Frances & Kenora, where many former workers from the shuttered Resolute Forest Products mill found employment. 

Well-funded to Cover Expenses 

 As of January 31, Golden Rapture had about $636,000 in cash. It also has $5 million in institutional financing from Crescita Capital LLC (agreed upon on March 11 of last year), through which Golden Rapture may draw capital from time to time over three years. Golden Rapture has yet to raise any capital from this equity investment facility, more than a year after their agreement. 

Buy Low on Gold Explorers 

The gold exploration and development companies market looks favourable due to an intersection of macroeconomic components. Historically significant levels of worldwide debt, loose money supply policies, and other geopolitical vulnerabilities have expanded gold’s appeal as a safe-haven asset and a common hedge for inflation, often driving investors towards the gold sector. 

For exploration companies, this translates into a strong demand for new, high-quality ventures in steady mining jurisdictions. There’s a specific centre on projects with district-scale potential that can bolster long-life mining operations. Companies that provide consistent news updates and growth development through drilling success are pulling in premium valuations. 

The current environment, moreover, favours solidification, with well-funded companies procuring earlier-stage ventures to construct development pipelines. Larger miners progressively seek exploration companies to renew depleted reserves, often through joint venture agreements or strategic investments. 

The Investment Thesis for Golden Rapture Mining 

  • Newly listed mining explorer holding a premier land position in an underexplored historic high-grade gold camp with multi-million-ounce potential
  • Early drilling successfully confirmed a robust geological model and identified multiple high-grade structures
  • An aggressive exploration program is underway to expand known zones and test new targets
  • Strong management and technical team with a proven track record of discovery and value creation 
  • Well-funded for ongoing drilling and exploration with a tight share structure and attractive valuation 
  • Drilling costs: Among the Cheapest in Canada, management can drill at $140 per meter
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