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Nurexone is on a Quest to Revolutionize Spinal Cord Injury Treatment


  • Nurexone Biologic Inc. leads the charge in developing cutting-edge exosome-based therapies for central nervous system injuries, particularly traumatic spinal cord injuries (tSCI), promising groundbreaking advancements in medical treatment.
  • ExoPTEN, Nurexone’s flagship product, showcases remarkable potential in reversing motor function impairment in acute spinal cord injuries, leveraging exosomes to deliver therapeutic molecules that target PTEN, a crucial protein for nerve growth and regeneration.
  • With FDA’s Orphan Drug Designation for ExoPTEN and inclusion on the OTCQB® Venture Market, Nurexone secures streamlined regulatory pathways and enhanced market visibility, fostering investor engagement and facilitating broader accessibility to potential therapies for patients in need.

In the relentless pursuit of medical breakthroughs, a pioneering biopharmaceutical company, Nurexone Biologic (TSXV:NRX, OTC:NRXBF), stands at the forefront of a groundbreaking endeavor. Their mission? To develop a cutting-edge platform for biologically-guided exosome-based therapies, delivered non-invasively to patients who have endured central nervous system injuries, particularly traumatic spinal cord injuries (tSCI).

As the sole public entity spearheading exosome-loaded nanodrug development for spinal cord trauma, Nurexone’s innovative approach holds immense promise.

The Exosome Revolution of Nature’s Nanocarriers

At the heart of Nurexone’s groundbreaking work lies a profound understanding of exosomes, the body’s naturally occurring nanoparticles secreted by cells. These infinitesimal vessels, once considered mere cellular debris, have emerged as a revolutionary means of transporting therapeutic molecules across biological barriers, reaching tissues and cells in need of regeneration and recovery.

Exosomes possess a remarkable ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, a formidable obstacle that has long hindered the effective delivery of conventional drugs to the central nervous system. By loading exosomes with therapeutic cargo, Nurexone aims to circumvent this challenge, paving the way for targeted, non-invasive treatments that can potentially reverse the devastating effects of spinal cord injuries.

ExoPTEN or The Flagship Therapy for Acute Spinal Cord Injury

Nurexone (TSXV:NRX, OTC:NRXBF)’s flagship product, ExoPTEN, represents a significant stride in the quest to address acute spinal cord injuries. Preclinical studies have yielded promising results, with ExoPTEN demonstrating an astonishing ability to recover motor function in 75% of laboratory rats when administered intranasally.

The core principle behind ExoPTEN lies in the inhibition of PTEN, a protein that plays a pivotal role in nerve growth and regeneration after injury or damage. By leveraging exosomes as nanocarriers, ExoPTEN aims to deliver therapeutic molecules that target PTEN, potentially unlocking the body’s innate capacity for neuronal repair and functional recovery.

Regulatory Recognition: Orphan Drug Designation and Streamlined Path

In recognition of ExoPTEN’s potential to address a rare and debilitating condition, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted the therapy Orphan Drug Designation. This coveted status not only underscores the therapy’s promise but also confers significant advantages, including tax credits for qualified clinical trials, exemption from user fees, and the potential for seven years of market exclusivity upon approval.

As Dr. Lior Shaltiel, CEO of Nurexone Biologic, aptly stated, “Orphan-drug designation is expected to streamline our go-to-market strategy, shorten our regulatory process, save the Company millions of dollars, and provide valuable market exclusivity.” This regulatory recognition paves the way for an accelerated path towards commercialization, ultimately benefiting patients in dire need of effective treatments.

Versatile Applications: Beyond Spinal Cord Injuries

While Nurexone’s primary focus lies in addressing the pressing challenge of spinal cord injuries, the company’s exosome-based platform holds immense potential for applications across a spectrum of indications. The versatility of exosomes as nanocarriers opens up a world of possibilities, with the potential to address conditions ranging from cardiac ischemia and reperfusion injuries to wound repair and infertility.

By continuously expanding its research and development efforts, Nurexone aims to position itself as a valuable partner for pharmaceutical companies seeking non-invasive, targeted drug delivery solutions, further solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the realm of exosome-based therapies.

OTCQB Welcomes NurExone

Nurexone (TSXV:NRX, OTC:NRXBF)’s common shares are now quoted for trading on the prestigious OTCQB® Venture Market under the symbol NRXBF. This strategic move not only enhances visibility but also facilitates seamless trading by institutional and retail investors in the United States.

As the sole publicly-traded entity developing exosome-based therapies for the treatment of spinal cord injuries, Nurexone is poised to leverage this opportunity to attract a wider investor base and optimize shareholder value. The OTCQB, renowned for its stringent compliance standards, serves as a gateway to the US trading landscape, fostering an environment conducive to informed investment decisions.

In a parallel development, Nurexone has also secured Depository Trust Company (DTC) eligibility for its shares on the OTCQB. This milestone expands the company’s stock reach to a broader audience of potential investors and brokerage firms that mandate additional compliance measures. By enhancing accessibility and potentially boosting liquidity through online transactions, Nurexone aims to create a more robust and dynamic trading environment for its shares.

Yoram Drucker, chairman of Nurexone’s board, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Securing a place on the OTCQB and obtaining DTC eligibility exemplify our dedication to enriching shareholder engagement and liquidity. These achievements enable US investors to easily access and invest in Nurexone. As pioneers in exosome-loaded nanodrug development for a variety of clinical conditions, notably spinal cord injuries, we’re excited to provide the investing community with expanded avenues to join our innovation.

Dr. Lior Shaltiel, CEO of Nurexone, added, “Expanding our investor base will accelerate our efforts in developing solutions and therapies for the hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide suffering from traumatic spinal cord injuries.” 


As Nurexone Biologic (TSXV:NRX, OTC:NRXBF) continues to forge ahead in its quest to revolutionize spinal cord injury treatment and beyond, the company’s exosome-based future shines brighter than ever. With a robust pipeline of innovative therapies, a strong intellectual property portfolio, and a steadfast commitment to collaboration, diversity, and ethical principles, Nurexone stands as a beacon of hope for patients worldwide.

Through its unwavering dedication to scientific excellence, regulatory compliance, and patient-centric innovation, Nurexone is poised to reshape the landscape of spinal cord injury treatment and beyond, ushering in a new era of exosome-based therapies that transcend boundaries and redefine the possibilities of modern medicine.

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