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A Promising Lithium Miner for 2024 : Li-FT Power Ltd. (TSXV: LIFT, OTCQX: LIFFF, Frankfurt: WS0)


Li-FT Power Ltd. (“LIFT” or the “Company”) (TSXV: LIFT) (OTCQX: LIFFF) (Frankfurt: WS0) is a mineral exploration company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and development of lithium pegmatite projects located in Canada. 

A ‘pegmatite’ is an igneous rock created underground when interlocking crystals form during the final stages of magma of this.

Before I get into the aspects excellent lithium company, I want to alert traders to the volatility of this stock. If you are a day or momentum trader, keep LIFT in your sights.

The 52-week range is CDN$4=CDN$11. You can read 3 analyst targets below.

Why Lift? One fact is that LIFT has almost CDN18 million in cash and NO DEBT. Not only are you buying into a superb proxy for lithium, but LIFT—again, unlike many of its peers –has the financial muscle to explore further and develop. LIFT also has four properties (Moyenne, Rupert, Pontax and Moyenne) in the James Bay region of Quebec and one, Cali, that lies within the Little Nahanni Pegmatite Group in the Northwest Territories, near the Yukon border.

Now, we return to our regular programming.

On, January 9, 2024, LIFT released some great results.

Hole No.From (m)To (m)Interval (m)Li2O%Dyke
YLP-0125226249231.50Fi SW
YLP-0130263281180.52Fi SW
inc27628041.25Fi SW
YLP-0134627191.07BIG West
inc646951.65BIG West
YLP-01357082121.04BIG West
inc727641.62BIG West
YLP-0136404550.63Fi Main
and10010550.57Fi Main
inc10110321.30Fi Main
and19820350.57Fi Main
YLP-0139495780.57BIG West
inc535741.02BIG W


  • YLP-0125: 23 m at 1.50% Li2O, (Fi SW)
  • YLP-0138: 12 m at 1.51% Li2O, (Nite)
  • YLP-0135: 12m at 1.04%  Li2O         (BIG-West)
  • including 4 m at 1.62% Li2O
  • YLP-0134:mat1.07%Li2O,(BIG-West)
  • including 5 m at 1.65% Li2O

Francis MacDonald, CEO of LIFT, comments, “This week, we are releasing results for the first holes from the Nite pegmatite. The first interval of 12 m at 1.51% Li2O is of similar grade and width to the surface expression of the dyke. Fi Southwest also produced an excellent intersection this week, located, 200 m below the surface. We continue to encounter high grades at these depths.”

Seasoned metals investors who want to look beyond gold and silver are getting involved. In contrast, new investors are drawn into the space by electric vehicle (EV) demand forecasts and government initiatives to build EV infrastructure. (Investing News)

These are significant numbers. Lithium deposits typically have average grades of 1 to 3% Li2O and are commonly associated with tin, especially tantalum (Ta) mineralization. Nearly all of Australia’s resources are associated with granite pegmatites of the Archean age, found within the Pilbara and Yilgarn cratons of Western Australia. Here’s a list of intercepts worldwide. Check out eight from the bottom. I’ll save you the trip LIFT.

LIFT checks most of them in the world of hypothetical checkboxes, if not all. The significant supply /demand gap will lessen as new finds are well found.

LIFT’s most recent Corporate Deck

Analysts’ Coverage.

A new study published in Science Advances hypothesizes that the McDermitt Caldera — on the border between Nevada and Oregon — contains more than double the lithium concentration than any other bed of clay globally, around 20 to 40 million metric tons in total. (Nevada current)\

Ain’t going to happen tomorrow, and the keyword is hypothetical. It still won’t be enough to take away today and the foreseeable future for quality juniors such as LIFT Power.

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