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Lift Power Ltd (TSXV: LIFT, OTCQX: LIFFF, Frankfurt: WS0) – Unlocking A Promising Junior Miner


Li-FT Power Ltd. (“LIFT” or the “Company”) (TSXV: LIFT) (OTCQX: LIFFF) (Frankfurt: WS0) is a mineral exploration company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and development of lithium pegmatite projects located in Canada. 

A ‘pegmatite’ is an igneous rock created underground when interlocking crystals form during the final stages of magma.

According to The Canadian Critical Minerals Strategy, Canada is the only Western nation with abundant cobalt, graphite, lithium, and nickel, all involved in producing electric vehicles. While Canada can provide the United States with many of the critical minerals it needs to execute its green transition, the United States can, in turn, provide capital to develop Canada’s capacity to mine and process essential minerals further. (

There are over 1000 semiconductor chips in the average EV.

The preceding proves that you need lithium exposure. Doubtful? 

A typical EV battery has about 8 kilograms of lithium, 14 kilograms of cobalt, and 20 kilograms of manganese. However, this can often be much more dependent on the battery size – a Tesla Model S battery, for example, contains around 62.6 kg (138 pounds) of lithium. As a bonus, most battery and critical metals producers usually have healthy doses of other minerals, such as gold.

If you want quality junior investment exposure, read on.

Li-FT Power Ltd. (“LIFT” or the “Company”) (CSE: LIFT) (OTCQX: LIFFF) (Frankfurt: WS0) is a mineral exploration company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and development of lithium pegmatite projects located in Canada. 

A ‘pegmatite’ is an igneous rock created underground when interlocking crystals form during the final stages of magma.

As mentioned, LIFT shares, an excellent proxy for critical minerals in EV batteries, etc., are great traders for those with that bent. It is not unusual for the shares to swing CDN0.50 a day. If you are a trader, it ensures you keep a core position. Depending on where you get your investment news, or Barchart, LIFT is on the list of stocks to know/own for 2024. Yesterday, the Company announced more impressive results. The following is a shameless grab from the Jan 2024 PR.

The Company reports assays from 8 drill holes completed at the Fi Main, BIG West, Nite, & Ki pegmatites within the Yellowknife Lithium Project (“YLP”) located outside the city of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (Figure 1). Drilling intersected significant intervals of spodumene mineralization, with the following highlights:


  • YLP-0148: 23 m at 1.40% Li2O, (Fi Main)
  • YLP-0182: 11 m at 1.38% Li2O, (Nite)
  • YLP-0145: 10 m at 1.28% Li2O, (Nite)
  •            and: 3 m at 1.26% Li2O
  • YLP-0149: 5 m at 1.04% Li2O, (Nite)
  •            and: 1 m at 1.04% Li2O
  •            and: 10 m at 0.78% Li2O
  •   including 5 m at 1.15% Li2O

Should you want to view historical results, go ahead and visit the LIFT site. Further, there is an excellent summary at Katusa Research. They can say it way better than I do. And it is only a couple of days old.

From Katusa; 

Car companies are biting their nails due to shrinking lithium supply-to-demand

Remember, this deposit has a lithium-containing rock that can be seen on the surface.

Now, it’s drilling down 200-300 meters and determining how big this project is. “We’re hitting on 80-90% of our drill holes,” the CEO says.

This means 80-90% of drill tests locate more lithium.

By mid-2024 = Li-FT should know how much lithium they’re holding.

When you hear about car companies partnering up with mine now:

Ford pre-purchased one-third of the output of a lithium mine in 2022.GM invested over $650 million bucks into a lithium mine in 2020.

Volkswagen seeks to create what former CEO Herbert Diess has called a “full ecosystem of suppliers from lithium extraction to the assembly of batteries” in Spain.

Car companies are biting their nails due to the shrinking lithium supply-to-demand.

As I said, while the above highlights are good, they are just the most recent among other historical essays. Check them out.

Why LIFT?    

Lithium intercepts are one thing.

LIFT’s most recent Corporate Deck

Analysts’ Coverage.

I would go out on a reasonable limb and say that if LIFT is already a big deal, it is well on its way. A 52-week trade range of CDN4.00 to CDN11 shows the interest already. Management owns over 50% of the shares and bought with their money. One put in CDN15 million.

I may wait for some weakness to buy some or the dollar cost average.

What to do, what to do.

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