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Alaska Energy Metals Is Set To Deliver Results in 2024 (TSX-V: AEMC, OTCQB: AKEMF)


  • Strategic Exploration and Development: Alaska Energy Metals Corporation (AEMC) is making significant strides in the mining industry with its focus on polymetallic deposits, notably at the Nikolai Nickel Project and the Angliers Nickel Project.
  • Mark Begich’s Impactful Board Membership: The appointment of Mark Begich to AEMC’s Board of Directors brings vital political insight and networking capabilities.
  • Key Investment from Maple Leaf Funds: AEMC’s successful private placement of flow-through common shares, primarily supported by Maple Leaf Funds, marks a significant financial achievement.

Alaska Energy Metals Corporation (AEMC) is a distinguished entity in the mining sector, dedicated to the exploration and extraction of multimetal resources. Their commitment to sustainable mining practices sets them apart, as they strive to become a pivotal domestic supplier of vital energy-related metals.

Alaska Energy Metals’ Nikolai Project Revealed Impressive Results

Positioned at the leading edge of the mining industry, Alaska Energy Metals Corporation is driven by an ambitious mission to identify and exploit extensive polymetallic deposits. These deposits are rich in a variety of metals such as nickel, copper, cobalt, chrome, iron, platinum, palladium, and gold. The company’s prominent projects, notably the Nikolai Nickel Project and the Angliers Nickel Project, are poised to make significant contributions to America’s energy landscape.

The Nikolai Nickel Project in Interior Alaska is strategically located near existing transport and power facilities, offering a logistical edge in becoming a major source of essential metals for the U.S. market. Meanwhile, the Angliers Nickel Project in Western Quebec is a promising site for further exploration and development, promising new horizons in the mining industry.

Alaska Energy Metals: Revolutionising the Nickel Market on American Soil with Gregory Biescher

AEMC’s 2023 exploration program at the Nikolai Nickel Project has yielded impressive results, with the recent release of the final drill results from two diamond drill holes, EZ-23-007 and EZ-23-008. These results reaffirm the consistency and homogeneity of the Eureka Zone, a key area of mineralization within the project.

Drill hole EZ-23-007 returned a downhole intersection of 310.4 meters (m) with a 0.32% Nickel Equivalent (“NiEq”) grade. This intersection includes a highly promising Core Eureka Zone grading 93.6m at 0.36% NiEq. Similarly, drill hole EZ-23-008 intersected mineralization over a length of 318.6m with a NiEq grade of 0.31%. The Core Eureka Zone within this intersection graded 67.2m at 0.33% NiEq. These results, combined with the previous drill holes, confirm the continuity of mineralization along a 1.2-kilometer strike length, with the mineralization remaining open in all directions.

With these final 2023 drilling program assay results in hand, we can now work to calculate an update to our Mineral Resource Inventory. We anticipate producing this update in the first quarter of 2024. Metal deportment studies and metallurgical testing have been initiated. With a strong foundation and increased confidence in the exploration pipeline, based on the highly positive results received from this year’s drilling program, we anticipate an ambitious, expanded program for the summer of 2024. We remain dedicated to responsible resource development and will continue to work towards uncovering a domestic supply of nickel, which is essential to a growing number of industries and critical for America’s energy future.”

Mark Begich Joins the Board of Directors
AEMC is proud of its skilled and varied Board of Directors. Recently, the company welcomed Mark Begich to its board. Begich’s extensive background as an entrepreneur and public servant adds significant value to AEMC. His tenure as Anchorage’s mayor and as a U.S. Senator for Alaska has honed his skills in collaborative and pragmatic governance. He is adept at handling intricate issues and possesses a deep understanding of the interplay between local, state, and federal policies, a skill set that is crucial for AEMC’s strategic planning.

Having Mark Begich join the Board of Directors of AEMC offers several significant benefits:

  • Political Insight and Experience: Begich’s experience as a former U.S. Senator and mayor of Anchorage provides him with a deep understanding of the political landscape. This insight is invaluable for navigating complex regulatory and policy environments, especially in sectors like natural resources and energy where government policies play a critical role.
  • Network and Influence: With his background in public service, Begich likely has a robust network of contacts across various sectors, including government, energy, and natural resources. This network can be beneficial for AEMC in terms of building partnerships, gaining support for projects, and influencing policy decisions that affect the mining industry.
  • Enhanced Credibility: Having a well-known and respected figure on the board can enhance the company’s credibility. This can be particularly beneficial in stakeholder engagements, negotiations, and when seeking investment or partnerships.
  • Expertise in Local and National Issues: Begich’s understanding of both local and national issues is a significant asset for a company like AEMC, which operates in a field impacted by both local community concerns and national energy policies.

Alaska Energy Metals Secures Key Investment from Maple Leaf Funds for Quebec Nickel Project

AEMC, is excited to announce the successful completion of a private placement of flow-through common shares. This significant financial move was exclusively participated in by Maple Leaf Funds, through its two entities: Maple Leaf Critical Minerals 2023-II Flow Through LP – Quebec Class and Maple Leaf Critical Minerals 2023 Super Flow Through LP – Quebec Class.

Company President & CEO Gregory Beischer expressed enthusiasm about this strategic partnership, “We are thrilled to have Maple Leaf Funds, a prominent institutional investor, as a shareholder. Their investment, made at a substantial premium to our current market valuation, empowers us to further develop our Angliers nickel project located in Western Quebec.”

A total of two million shares were issued at $0.50 per share, resulting in gross proceeds of $1,000,000. These funds are earmarked for the exploration and development of the Angliers nickel project. As part of this financial arrangement, Red Cloud Securities Inc. received 179,487 AEMC shares as finder’s fees, and Red Cloud Mining Capital was issued 140,000 finder’s warrants. The securities from this financing are subject to a holding period, which will lapse on April 28, 2024.

AEMC Holds Several Promises for 2024

Alaska Energy Metals Corporation (AEMC) is strategically advancing in the mining industry with its focus on polymetallic deposits essential for the energy sector. The successful 2023 drilling program at the Nikolai Nickel Project, demonstrating significant mineralization, sets the stage for an optimistic future. The potential update to the Mineral Resource Inventory in 2024, along with ongoing metallurgical studies, underscores AEMC’s commitment to responsible resource development.

Mark Begich’s addition to the Board of Directors brings invaluable political insight and strategic direction, bolstering AEMC’s ability to navigate complex regulatory environments and enhance stakeholder relations. His experience significantly strengthens AEMC’s strategic planning and policy navigation.

The investment from Maple Leaf Funds, specifically in the Angliers nickel project, reflects a strong confidence in AEMC’s vision and capabilities. This financial backing, coupled with strategic insights from the board, positions AEMC to make substantial contributions to America’s energy landscape and the global mining industry.

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