Alset Capital Inc. (TSXV: KSUM): The Rising Star in AI Investment


Alset Capital Inc. (TSXV: KSUM) (FSE: 1R60) (WKN: A3ESVQ) (“Alset” or the “Company”)

From the PR. (No sense in freestyling the facts and potential of this extraordinarily timely and interesting stock with impressive business and ties to NVIDIA and Super Micro.

Alset Capital Inc. is an investment issuer that is focused on investment in diversified industries such as technology, healthcare, industrial, and special situations, operating businesses through both debt and equity using cash resources or shares in its capital.

The Company is intriguing in two main areas, first as a proxy for the AI sector—rapidly growing, as you may have noticed—and exposure to the cutting-edge products of NVIDIA—which, while primarily known for gaming products, is moving into the almost USD5t (yes, trillion) healthcare market. 

NDVA was one of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ dubbed as such when each delivered an average gain of 112% last year, which crushed the 24% return of the S&P 500 index.

Alset has two primary investment arms: Cedarcross International Technologies Inc. (“Cedarcross”) (49% Ownership). Cedarcross’ mission is to democratize access to high-performance AI computing. 

By offering access to the world’s fastest AI servers, powered by NVIDIA’s H100 HGX Servers, Cedarcross empowers enterprises with unparalleled computing capabilities, exceeding 700,000 hours. 

The NVIDIA HGX B200 and HGX B100 integrate NVIDIA Blackwell Tensor Core GPUs with high-speed interconnects to propel the data center into a new era of accelerating computing and generative AI. Blackwell-based HGX systems are designed for the most demanding generative AI, data analytics, and HPC workloads.

Vertex AI Ventures Inc. (“Vertex AI”) (49% Ownership) Vertex AI is focused on identifying AI’s tailored, acquiring and licensing intellectual property (IP) and providing data management services.

Vertex solutions address businesses’ evolving IP and data management needs, offering cutting-edge data engineering, automation, secure storage, and seamless integration services. Vertex AI enables clients to unlock the full potential of their IP and data assets in today’s dynamic business environment.

“We are very enthusiastic about Cedarcross’s strategic collaboration with Earthmade to purchase Nvidia HPC hardware directly from Super Micro Computer, Inc.,” commented Morgan Good, CEO of Alset. “This Agreement not only ensures the seamless procurement of vital AI computing hardware but also solidifies Cedarcross’s competitive position ing in the industry.”

The agreement grants Cedarcross the authority to engage directly with Super Micro Computer, Inc.(NASDAQ: SMCI) to acquire Nvidia GPU High Performance Computing (HPC) Hardware.

These companies personify the latest tech, understanding must be more complex. In essence, KSUM is directly in the huge AI sandbox with NVDA and SuperMicro. KSUM capitalized at 18 million, and the others at 2.1 trillion and 60 billion, respectively.

It was Motley Fool. Yes, I have known them since they were two guys. Super Micro could be the next NVDA. To the moon, Norton.

While Alset is lunch money compared to its extensive peers, they could get bitten off if the big boys need it. I have always thought—not concluded—that two of these behemoths may merge. 

Either eventuality is a win for KSUM. 

And it’s investors.

Oh, repeat after me; “I need an AI proxy. I need an AI proxy”.                                                                                             

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