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Golden Raptures Mining Hits Bonanza Gold Grades at 204g/Tonne (CSE: GLDR)


GOLDEN RAPTURE MINING (GLDR: CSE) is a collection of premier Ontario mining properties in the Rainy River region that have had enough work done to unveil potential but left a significant amount of gold with great g/t numbers. As of this morning, some numbers released will surely increase its profile with investors. Considering the stock has been listed for about two weeks, these results are excellent. Forgive the length of the table, but given the quality of the results, investors must get the complete picture.

1: High-Grade Gold Surface Grab Sample Results from the Phillips Township Property, Nester Falls, Rainy River District, NW Ontario

Results of all our Grab Sample Results to Date.

Mr. Richard Rivet, CEO of Golden Rapture, commented:

“I am incredibly pleased that we have made significant and rapid steps toward identifying additional high-grade drill-ready targets. We were pleasantly surprised to discover many high-grade quartz veins on the surface, with most of them carrying gold. Unlike many exploration companies, we are not just chasing the typical geophysical anomaly but also, many wide high-grade gold structures identified on the surface that can be drilled at any time.

Highlights of all our Grab Sample Results to Date

Sample NumberResults
17446204.005 g/t Au
17412125.001 g/t Au
494795109.003 g/t Au
1748766.022 g/t Au
49476061.102 g/t Au
49476158.104 g/t Au
1744743.701 g/t Au
1744424.005 g/t Au
49476222.300 g/t Au
1743020.400 g/t Au
49496614.200 g/t Au
49479611.002 g/t Au
174379.360 g/t Au
 Folk4947526.550 g/t Au
4947996.490 g/t Au
174745.580 g/t Au
4949175.540 g/t Au
4947515.490 g/t Au
174835.350 g/t Au
4949674.800 g/t Au
174864.081 g/t Au
174733.990 g/t Au
174453.940 g/t Au
4949133.781 g/t Au
174813.672 g/t Au
174423.324 g/t Au
174383.295 g/t Au
1744912.262 g/t Au
4949722.224 g/t Au
4947542.123 g/t Au
174111.752 g/t Au
174721.352 g/t Au
4949111.290 g/t Au
4949731.246 g/t Au
4949121.111 g/t Au
174651.170 g/t Au
174651.050 g/t Au
4947671.051 g/t Au

The company holds a 100% interest in the high-grade Phillips Township Gold Property, Rainy River District, NW Ontario. The land package totals 225 claim cells for approximately ten thousand acres located close to 4 mineral deposits.

These assets include the New Gold Rainy River Mine (+8 million Oz.), the Cameron Lake Deposit (1.8 million Oz.), the Agnico Eagle-Hammond Reef deposit (3.3 million Oz.), the Tartisan Nickel, Copper, and Cobalt Deposit, and many others. Mature local infrastructure, workforce, heavy-duty equipment, hospitals, major highway systems, and local services are nearby.

The Hutchison/Maylac Gold Mine was one of the richest mines in the area, with a grade of 17.83g/t/Au. It was mined underground on and off from 1937 to 1947. The property has only seen shallow drilling and was excavated to around 400ft.

The Hutchison/Maylac Mine is located in Fulford Township, Geraldton, Ontario, and comprises 60 claim cell units totalling approximately 2800 acres on the town’s northern border.

Folks that got in on the pre-ipo stock at CDN0.15 have seen their shares more than double in two weeks as they closed last Friday above CDN0.30.

A follow-up exploration program is being planned to test the higher-grade veins and explore the property further. We are currently discussing the next phase of exploration, which should start around May 1st, 2024.

Pay Attention.

For junior mine investors, or indeed any investor, results tent to be viewed with a grain of salt. In this case, that would likely be a mistake as management is experienced and not in the business of promoting ‘drill on the property’ bullshit. These results from GLDR are proof. CEO Richard Rivet encourages questions and intends to employ an ongoing picture as transparent as these already proven property results—at least previous results- can be mined to great success.

Coupled with the rising prospects of the gold price, GLDR has quickly carved out a space above and beyond its peers.

Keep an eye on GLDR, buy some, or walk away and eventually kick yourself.

Faites vos jeux.

Bob Beaty
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