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Integrated Cyber Solutions Locks Strategic UAE Partnership (CSE: ICS, FSE:Y4G)


  • UAE Partnership: Integrated Cyber Solutions (ICS) has partnered with HSG Middle East, aiming to leverage the hospitality sector across the Middle East. 
  • Service Expansion: ICS’s strategy includes broadening its cybersecurity services, highlighted by its growth from Managed Detection and Response (MDR) to comprehensive cybersecurity awareness and training programs, demonstrating adaptability to cybersecurity needs.
  • Global Visibility: The listing of ICS on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE) underlines its effort to enhance global visibility and attract European investors, signaling a proactive approach to growth and international investor engagement.

Hey fellow investors! If you’re on the lookout for investment opportunities, this article is just for you. Since the start of 2024, several sectors have garnered significant interest, particularly in the mining and tech industries. Here’s a fresh pick that’s sure to catch your attention, especially considering the promising updates it’s recently unveiled.

Integrated Cyber Solutions (CSE: ICS), a managed security service provider company, has announced yet another exciting partnership with a prominent player in the United Arab Emirates. With this latest development, this company is definitely worth a closer look, especially given its current valuation of just $13.8.

About Integrated Cyber Solutions

Integrated Cyber Solutions (CSE: ICS) specializes in making cybersecurity accessible and user-friendly for small-to-medium businesses and enterprises. By partnering with leading third-party cybersecurity providers, the company ensures its customers always have access to cutting-edge security solutions. Beyond offering essential cybersecurity services, Integrated Cyber Solutions enhances its managed services and IC360 technology platform to distill vast quantities of information. This approach produces clear, actionable insights, enabling customers to easily understand and fortify their organizational security.

Fortune Business Insights has projected a robust expansion in the global cybersecurity market, anticipating an annual growth rate of 13.4% leading up to 2029. This growth trajectory is expected to elevate the market valuation to approximately $376 billion.

In alignment with this significant market growth, Integrated Cyber Solutions has been founded to strategically capture the untapped potential within the Small and Medium-Size Enterprise (SME) sector. This decision stems from an observed market gap: large cybersecurity corporations often overlook SMEs, considering them too small to warrant tailored cybersecurity solutions. Conversely, SMEs find themselves in a peculiar position—too sophisticated and sizable for consumer-grade cybersecurity offerings yet not large enough to attract the custom solutions typically reserved for much larger entities. Integrated Cyber Solutions aims to bridge this gap, offering specialized cybersecurity services that cater specifically to the unique needs and complexities of the SME market segment. This approach not only leverages the booming cybersecurity industry but also addresses a critical and underserved niche, positioning Integrated Cyber Solutions as a pivotal player in the cybersecurity landscape for SMEs.

What is important about the new update? 

Integrated Cyber Solutions partnered with HSG Middle East in the UAE. This company boasts extensive connections within the hospitality industry, encompassing over 500 hotels and 55,000 rooms across the Middle East.

This partnership, named ICS Middle East, is designed to be strategic and multifaceted, aiming to forge business alliances and strategic partnerships with local firms. This collaboration is expected to unlock valuable local market insights, cultural understanding, and regulatory frameworks essential for navigating the Middle East’s unique business environment.

ICS Middle East has outlined an initial focus on five strategic areas to expand its regional footprint and explore commercial opportunities:

  • Government Collaboration: Working alongside the UAE Government to establish a credentialing system designed for individuals, corporations, and government entities within the UAE.
  • Power Generation Industry Focus: Leveraging its expertise gained from serving a major electricity generator with over 15 power plants, ICS Middle East aims to offer cyber services to a power plant responsible for approximately 20% of Dubai’s electricity supply.
  • Hospitality Sector Services: Providing cyber services to the existing hotel and hospitality clientele of HSG, including renowned groups like EMAAR Hospitality, Fairmont, Hilton, Atlantis, Jumeirah Hotels, Rotana, and Starwood hotels.
  • Healthcare IT Partnership: Forming an alliance with a leading IT and hardware provider to the UAE healthcare sector, aiming to extend cyber services to their current client base.
  • Expansion into Saudi Arabia: Utilizing the momentum from HSG’s new office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, ICS Middle East plans to replicate its UAE success by offering cyber services to the hospitality, healthcare, and governmental sectors in Saudi Arabia. This expansion leverages existing relationships with key Saudi entities like the National Guard, NEOM, and the Sovereign Investment Fund PIF.

What Previous Updates Did the Company Share with its Shareholders? 

On March 13, Integrated Cyber Solutions (CSE:ICS) revealed the renewal and expansion of its contract with a client in the power, renewables, and infrastructure sector.

Aligned with ICS’s “land and expand” strategy, the relationship started with Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services and has grown to enhance the client’s security across multiple sites. The expanded services will now include managed cybersecurity awareness training via the Proofpoint platform, encompassing new user training, remedial training for high-risk employees, monthly organizational training, and simulated phishing attacks to improve preparedness.

Are you located in Europe? Don’t be worried. Integrated Cyber stated on February 16 it commenced to be traded in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the ticker Y4G.

“Listing on the FSE is a strategic move in our global capital markets strategy. It not only increases our liquidity but also significantly boosts our visibility on a global scale. This is an opportunity for Integrated Cyber to connect with European investors and share our story, vision, and the advanced cybersecurity solutions we bring to the market.”

Alan Guibord, CEO of Integrated Cyber

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE) stands as a premier European listing venue, orchestrating about 90 percent of all securities transactions within Germany. The company’s choice to list on the FSE underscores its commitment to broadening accessibility and opening up more investment opportunities for international investors. This strategic move is aimed at leveraging the FSE’s significant market influence and connectivity to enhance the company’s visibility and attractiveness to a global investor base.

What You Have to Remember about Integrated Cyber

Integrated Cyber Solutions (CSE: ICS) has recently announced a partnership with a significant player in the UAE, marking it as a potential investment hotspot, particularly given its appealing valuation of $13.8.

The latest update about its partnership with HSG Middle East opens doors to the vast hospitality industry in the Middle East, leveraging over 500 hotels and 55,000 rooms. This strategic move into ICS Middle East aims to tap into the local market’s unique opportunities through key initiatives in government collaboration, power generation, hospitality services, healthcare IT, and expansion into Saudi Arabia.

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