Element79 Gold Corp: Navigating High-Grade Opportunities in Gold Mining (CSE:ELEM, OTC:ELMGF)


Element79 Gold Corp (the “Company”) (CSE: ELEM) (OTC: ELMGF) is an exciting gold company. In an age when new gold companies are pretty sparse, the chart below shows how this stealthy Company has started to move higher on increasing volume since the first of the year. The activity has more to do with management action and properties with proven promise.

Salient Property Points Bear Repeating.

Lucero, Peru

  • The past-producing Lucero Mine (“Lucero”) is one of the highest-grade underground mines in Peru’s history, with grades averaging 19.0g/t Au Equivalent (“Au Eq”) (14.0 g/t gold and 373 g/t silver).
  • In its past five years of production, ending
  • Produced on average 40,000oz+/yr.

Assays from March 2023 yielded 21-ore-grade and high-yield up to 11.7 ounces per ton of gold and 247 ounces per ton of silver from underground workings, further validating the potential for a significant high-grade future operation.

  • Consolidating its focus in this region and its impressive geology, ELEM acquired the Roxana Vein and surrounding 12:00 ha property, Lucero del Sur 28, via auction held on May 17, 2023, located strategically just east of the high-grade Lucero gold-silver project.

In a sidebar, but no less critical, is the completion of the second financing tranche in an ongoing program:   Element79 has raised a total of $550,075 through the facilities of its placement and shall continue to seek funds days. (Early to mid-June 2024).

Our commitment to unlocking Lucero’s vast potential through collaborative relationships remains unwavering,” said James Tworek, CEO of Element79. “With each milestone, we inch closer to realizing our sustainable and responsible resource exploration and production vision. We remain dedicated to creating enduring value for our shareholders. Anticipating closing its final tranche within the next ten business days

“Lucero project’s extensive potential continues to unfold as we compile drilling targets in the northwest region, where surface indicators of vuggy silica hint at underlying mineralization,” said Kim Kirkland, Chief Operating Officer at Element79 and Registered Professional Geologist. “As we continue to chart new territories and push the boundaries of exploration on our flagship property, these prospects ignite a palpable sense of anticipation and excitement, propelling Element79 towards new frontiers of discovery.”

Many historical and recent stats outline the potential for ELEM’s Lucero Property.

I stole these from the PR, so you don’t have to.

  • Mineralization conforms to the intermediate sulfidation epithermal style, characterized by Au-Ag veins with associated lead and zinc sulphides. 
  • Subvertical structures hosted with dacite tuffs are the primary controls of the mineralized veins, which have an average vein width of 0.40m. 
  • Within the Apacheta zone, mineralization remains open at depth and towards the northwest. 

Above, the Lucero Project location map of fall 2023 underground mapping is focused on the Apacheta, Pillune, and Sando Alcalde historic mining areas.

  • Two structures exhibiting significant exploration potential for gold-silver mineralization have been identified: the Promesa vein and the Pillune sector. 
  • Notably, the Pillune sector hosts a well-defined ore shoot, highlighting its substantial mineralization potential.

A quick trip north to Nevada

While Lucero’s is ELEM’s flagship property, the Nevada ones are pretty.

MaverickSprings is a blind deposit comprising a 30-120 metre thick, flat-lying zone centred on an anticlinal structure, with oxidation pervasive to 120 metres and intermittent to 270 metres. (5) The fact that Maverick may be an epithermal deposit leaves open the possibility of additional mineralization above this flat-laying zone, which could significantly positively impact any future open pit mining (Company website).

The Company has negotiated with Green Power (Sun Silver Ltd). The following amendments have been made according to the Variation:

  1. Amendment of Share Allocation: The share component of the consideration has been adjusted from “CAD$1,500,000 worth of fully paid ordinary shares” to “3,500,000 fully paid ordinary shares.” 
  • Increase in Cash Consideration: The cash consideration has been increased from “CAD$4,000,000” to “CAD$4,400,000

“These amendments not only strengthen the strategic partnership between Element79 and Green Power but also continue to align with our long-term vision for the Maverick Springs Project,” said James Tworek, CEO of Element79. “The adjustments in the consideration underscore our dedication to balancing shareholder value creation with strategic partnerships, ensuring a robust foundation for sustainable growth of Element79 operations, and facilitate the continued development of our key projects while reinforcing our position in the mining sector.”

There are lots more moves with Elemental79. Get into a read of ELEM. I have said the Company is not in the mining business but in the business of mining. 

I own some and may own more. Its measured rise in price and volume leads me to

believe that ‘smart’ money is accumulating, and the path seems strong in the medium to long term. Smart money doesn’t include me. Trust me, but it does have decent potential.

At least put it on your watch list. Seriously.

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