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Alset Capital is Leading the Charge in the AI Industry (TSXV: KSUM)


  • Alset Capital Inc. is recognized for its diversified portfolio spanning various sectors including technology, healthcare, and industrial, among others, reflecting a strategic blend of debt and equity investments.
  • With a blend of seasoned, entrepreneurial individuals boasting diverse industry backgrounds and capital market expertise, Alset Capital’s executive team drives the company’s strategic vision and investment decisions.
  • Alset Capital’s commitment to nurturing intellectual property assets and advancing cutting-edge technologies underscores its portfolio’s ventures, which redefine possibilities in innovation and technological evolution.

Alset Capital (TSXV:KSUM), a renowned investment entity, has been making waves in the technology sector. Their recent two-year AI Compute Leasing Agreement worth C$5.5 million is a testament to their innovative approach and strategic foresight.

Alset Capital: A Brief Overview

Alset Capital Inc. (TSXV:KSUM)  is an investment issuer known for its diversified industry investments. Their portfolio spans across various sectors such as technology, healthcare, and industrial, among others. Their primary focus lies in both debt and equity investments using cash resources or shares in their capital.

Their executive team is a blend of experienced, entrepreneurial individuals boasting diverse industry backgrounds and capital market expertise.

With a keen focus on nurturing intellectual property assets and propelling the evolution of cutting-edge technologies, Alset Capital’s portfolio boasts ventures that redefine the boundaries of possibility.

Innovare Innovations distinguishes itself by meticulously cultivating a portfolio of intellectual assets and championing their safeguarding and progression. Recognizing the essence of its intellectual property as more than mere concepts, the company views them as the cornerstone of perpetual innovation and future prosperity for its stakeholders.

In addition to its IP stewardship, Innovare Innovations serves as a trailblazer in advanced data management solutions, vital in today’s data-driven business landscape. Employing machine learning and sophisticated analytics, they empower clients with real-time insights, transforming data into a strategic advantage.

With a 49% ownership in Cedarcross, Alset aims to cement its position as a leading AI computing powerhouse in Canada. Alset is fueling this aspiration with a significant $3.7 million secured loan, facilitating Cedarcross’s acquisition of state-of-the-art Nvidia H100 HGX 8GPU servers, boasting an impressive annual computing capacity of 700,000 hours.

As a vital part of Alset’s investment portfolio, Cedarcross envisions charting a course to become a dominant figure in AI cloud computing, strategizing aggressive expansion by leveraging industry networks and available capital.

From a financial standpoint, the acquisition of Nvidia servers promises substantial benefits. With a chip hour rate of USD $2.80, these 10 servers are forecasted to yield leasing revenues of approximately USD $2 million annually. This venture not only generates revenue but also demonstrates notable cost efficiency, with an expected net gross margin of around USD $1.6 million per year, underscoring a robust profit potential for Alset and its stakeholders.

AI Compute Leasing Agreement: A Game Changer

In a significant stride forward, Cedarcross International Technologies Inc. has unveiled a transformative two-year AI Compute Leasing Agreement with an arm’s length counterparty. This landmark agreement is not only poised to drive Cedarcross’s revenue growth but also solidify its position as a key player in the AI computing arena. Projections indicate that the Agreement will yield an impressive total revenue of approximately CAD$5.5 million, with an aggregate gross margin estimated to reach CAD$4.4 million throughout the contract’s duration.

Under the structured terms of the Agreement, Cedarcross Technologies stands to benefit from a meticulously outlined monthly payment plan. It anticipates receiving approximately CAD$223k monthly, showcasing a steady revenue stream that underscores the reliability and sustainability of the partnership. This predictable income stream will enable Cedarcross to strategically plan and allocate resources, further enhancing its capacity to innovate and deliver cutting-edge AI computing solutions to its clientele.

The Rising Need for AI Computing Power

Global demand for compute power is on the rise. The need for substantial investments to increase computing capabilities has been likened to the market demand for mobile phones. In light of this escalating demand, Cedarcross Technologies is strategically positioned to provide access to the world’s fastest AI servers, leveraging Nvidia’s H100 HGX GPUs.

Canada’s AI Budget Plan and Cedarcross Technologies

Cedarcross Technologies’ initiatives align with the Canadian Government’s recent announcement of a $2.4 billion AI Budget. A substantial portion of this budget is allocated to funding computing capabilities and technical infrastructure. This significant investment underscores the critical importance of AI computing in driving technological innovation and economic growth.

Future Prospects for Alset Capital

The recent AI Compute Leasing Agreement and the strategic partnership with Cedarcross Technologies have positioned Alset Capital favorably in the AI sector. Their influence and capabilities in the realm of AI infrastructure are growing, which is a promising sign for future developments.

Moreover, the Canadian Government’s investment in AI infrastructure further propels Alset Capital’s mission of democratizing access to high-performance AI computing.


Alset Capital’s (TSXV:KSUM) strategic foresight and innovative approach have positioned them as a frontrunner in the evolving landscape of AI computing. Their recent AI Compute Leasing Agreement is a testament to their commitment to driving technological innovation and economic growth.

Their strategic alliance with Cedarcross Technologies has enabled them to tap into the escalating global demand for compute power effectively. In light of these developments, Alset Capital is well-positioned to make significant strides in the AI sector in the coming years.

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