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Fandifi Technology Corp. (CSE: FDM) (OTC: FDMSF) Fandifi is a crowd-based and system-generated prediction fan engagement platform. The platform runs on an associated neural network tailor-made for content creators to increase the gamification of their content and enable fan engagement within their communities regardless of the form of distribution. FandifiTM also operates, an NFT marketplace where rewards can be bought, sold, or traded on a blockchain-agnostic platform.

Recently the market has been volatile, primarily to the downside. And small stocks have been understandably pummelled. One way of putting a positive spin, and actually a proper spin, is that if you liked them, you should enjoy them now. Or maybe pick up a few shares to average down or provide a low-cost entry. The growth is there and coming.

Let’s Beta

The latest news from FDM is the opening of beta testing with Elite Duels players;

David Vinokurov, Fandifi CEO and President states, “We’re excited to activate our partner campaign with Elite Duels, which has built up a solid reputation as a fantasy esports operator over their past several years of operation. Our campaign aims to leverage the tools and resources we have deployed to share our story with highly engaged Esports fans. We’re looking forward to expanding our partner outreach promotions beyond Elite Duels with additional partners as our marketing program unfolds.’

This partnership is deep as Elite Duels brings the fun and excitement from fantasy sports to Esports. Elite Duels offers over 10 different Esport titles, where users can compete in daily, weekly, and exclusive event fantasy contests for in-game prizes, which offers over 10 other Esport titles, where its large user base competes daily, weekly, and full event fantasy contests for in-game rewards.

Not sure what a Beta program is? ‘Beta’ is a standard term to denote a milestone release during production in which game functionality is included and optimized (but may have bugs), game content is finished (but may have some implementation errors), and is considered nearly complete. Beta represents the sum total of what the game will be, and content or functionality changes beyond beta are usually considered outside the framework of a publishing contract (called ‘change control’). Online publishers often release beta software to the public as an ‘open beta .’Open betas invite customers to play the game, report any issues that they find and participate in the community surrounding the game ahead of launch. Available betas are also often a great way to engage players with a marketing story early on.

Signups for Fandifi’s Beta commenced on September 29, 2022. Players of the Fandifi platform can sign up on the Company’s signup page at The companies have also agreed to a joint marketing effort, which is never bad.

A friend of mine, who is almost 40, games regularly. He has contacts worldwide with whom he has gamed for years. More than a social outlet, it opens up his horizons to other cultures and a kind of global ‘What Up?’

For those investors who wish to dig deeper, access FDM’s Corporate Presentation.

And more…


2. Gamification analytics tracks the user’s behaviour with the game system, helps game managers and administrators understand how the game is used by the employees and delivers valuable insights into user behaviours. tracks the user’s behaviour with the game system, helps game managers and administrators understand how the game is used by the employees and delivers valuable insights into user behaviours.

3. Fandifi Opportunity:  Fandifi provides a unique agnostic platform that allows content creators to engage with their fans with a unique system to incentivize those fans to engage with their full stream through Fandifi’s unique enterprise prediction engine. The addressable market for Fandifi is in the Billions of viewers and millions of content creators. Fandifi is uniquely positioned to change how people interact with streamed and broadcast content around the world.

4. Fox News Interview (click and scroll down) with CEO Vinokurov.

Fandifi is no one tech (See how I did that?) pony. The progress is impressive, and the potential is compelling. For risk-oriented investors or those who like to buy skookum tech stocks at low prices, give Fandifi a peak.

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