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Li-Ft Power Ltd Emerges as a Serious Lithium Contender (TSXV: LIFT, OTCQX: LIFFF)


Li-FT Power Ltd. (“LIFT” or the “Company”) (TSXV: LIFT) (OTCQX: LIFFF) (Frankfurt: WS0) is a mineral exploration company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and development of lithium pegmatite projects located in Canada. 

A ‘pegmatite’ is an igneous rock created underground when interlocking crystals form during the final stages of a magma chamber’s cooling: Pegmatite crystals are a leading source of lithium. Unless you have been encased in pegmatite—crystals containing lithium—Lift’s story should resonate with investors who want/should have exposure to this metal. Pundits call for lithium shortages by 2025. 

The shares were listed on the CSE but moved to the TSX Venture mere weeks ago, on NOV 1, 2023. They immediately produced some very skookum assay numbers. 

For an in-depth presentation on Li-FT Power, and the lithium market, checkout its presentation deck.

On Wednesday, the Company announced impressive results from its recent drilling, which intersected significant intervals of spodumene mineralization, with the following highlights: 


  • YLP-0087: 21at1.12%Li2O,(Ki)   including: 11 m at 1.70% Li2O
  • YLP-0091: 17mat1.28%Li2O,(Shorty)            and:16mat1.01%Li2O   including:  5 m at 1.55% Li2
  • YLP-0085: 13mat1.34%Li2O,(BIGEast)            and:8mat0.86%Li2O            and:4mat1.47%Li2O            and: 3 m at 1.09% Li2O
  • YLP-0084: 10mat1.58%Li2O,(BIGEast)            and: 4mat1.44%Li2O            and:  6 m at 1.19% Li2O

Francis MacDonald, CEO of LIFT comments, “Drill intersects from this week’s results at Ki are the widest to date with excellent grades. The northern portion of Shorty, where two arms of the pegmatite have been structurally juxtaposed, has benefits from an open pit mining perspective. BIG East continues to deliver excellent widths in grades across the pegmatite dyke system. We continue to be pleased with the consistency of excellent drill intersects produced across the YLP portfolio.” 

LIFT has almost CDN18 million in cash and NO DEBT. I wish I had those numbers. 

So, not only are you buying into a superb proxy for the lithium section, but LIFT—again, unlike many of its peers, has the financial muscle to explore further and develop. LIFT also has four properties (Moyenne, Rupert, Pontax and Moyenne) in the James Bay region of Quebec and one, Cali, that lies within the Little Nahanni Pegmatite Group in the Northwest Territories, near the Yukon border.

Nearby is the Whabouchi property owned by Nemaska Lithium.

Investors need to note the large Whabouchi Deposit as it is one of the largest high-purity lithium mines in NA and Europe. 

LIFT’s properties are in the same neighbourhood.

The orebody is one of the most mining friendly deposits in the world due to its large lithium bearing pegmatite dykes and little variability across the deposit. As well, The orebody is one of the most mining friendly deposits in the world due to its large lithium bearing pegmatite dykes and little variability across the deposit. (Nemaska)

Sound familiar? LIFT’s market cap is almost CDN235 million. Besides becoming profitable this year, Analysts call for a rise over time of almost a 120%.

Without going into previous drilling stats, there is not much more say other than Lift has great properties in a proven neighbourhood, lots of cash and no debt, profitable and had garnered analysts’ aggressive growth projections.

There are lots of lithium companies. And then there’s LIFT.

Go on, check it out. You know you want to.

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