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BioLife Sciences (OTC: BLFE) recently witnessed its stock price increase by 33% on October 21, with a significant jump in the volume as well, reaching 2.5M shares traded. If the stock rebounded back up from its 5-day chart, it is still below the $0.03 mark occurring until October 11. Whether you invested early or after the drop, the current share price represents an excellent opportunity to get a positive return on investment.

About BioLife Sciences

BioLife Sciences (OTC: BLFE) provides disruptive technologies for the healthcare, beauty, and food & beverage sectors. The company develops, partners, and assists innovative companies with the commercialization of leading-edge technologies.

The company provides a broad range of services, including antimicrobial copper-infused textiles. Copper is a naturally-occurring metal that humanity has utilized since the early days. It has been used to produce weapons, tools, currency, and jewelry. Additionally, copper was long-touted in India for its health benefits long before scientists began understanding microbes and viruses. In ancient Egypt, copper was used to purifying water and prevent infections. This material is designed to inhibit virus & bacteria reproduction and cross-contamination before it starts. In other words, it will stop the spread before it starts. Copper-infused textiles were proven to prevent virus transmission from people who encounter the virus. The positive side is it fights against COVID-19 and other diseases, including MSRA and Ebola.

Additionally, the copper remains practical and durable even after repeated washes. BioLife also provides antimicrobial copper air filters. These air filters clean the air and release copper ions to protect against bacteria and germs circulating in enclosed rooms and buildings. It provides continuous protection for up to 30 days.

The company remained pretty silent for the last couple of weeks, but one important piece of news caught our eyes and did matter. BioLife negotiated with a Canadian firm, Work in Motion, to develop and commercialize custom-designed copper-infused bamboo gardening gloves for international distribution through Work in Motion’s extensive wholesale and distribution networks. Work In Motion is a leading products distributor and works alongside industry-leading manufacturers sourcing multidisciplinary products connecting international distribution chains alongside custom product development and private label services. BioLife Sciences will assume the sole responsibility for the development and commercialization of its copper-infused bamboo gardening gloves as a personal label design product around Work In Motion provided branding assets.

About finances, BioLife Sciences announced on July 15 that it qualified for the Reg A+ offering by the SEC. Resulting of this announcement, the company will be able to raise $20M at a public stock offering of $0.05 per share. By doing so, the company targets to become a fully reporting company and then apply for an uplisting to the OTCQB, known as the Venture Market.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to raise funds for the Company in order for us to reach our short-term goals, while laying the foundation for the Company to have continued success in the coming years.”

Nika Jaksic, COO of BioLife Sciences

This piece of news arrived on the market shortly before BioLife declared on August 17 that it launched a based product line. The company created its first line of cannabinoid consumer products and will be offering six distinct industrial hemp-based tincture formulations. These formulations were driven by the company’s recent acquisition of Health Box LLC in early 2022. BioLife wants to grow its hemp-based product line further once the tinctures have been released, with plans to expand to salves, syrups, coffees, teas, and lotions. This will grow this segment, along with CBD usage increasing in the US since 2018. Indeed, multiple studies confirmed cannabinoids might help with various aliments and conditions, including pain, stress, weight loss, anxiety, and depression. This industry is projected to keep expanding in 2022 to reach $22B by the end of the year.

Nika JAKŠIĆ (CEO) leads the company. In her past experiences, Nika JAKŠIĆ was the founder and former CEO of Health Box, which Biolife acquired in early 2022. She also spent years researching the relationship between aerobic fitness, nutritional therapy, meal planning, dietary guidance, and proper botanical supplement intake within the field of gerontology, with a focus on the loss of brain tissue in aging humans.

Market Growth Prospect

The market is anticipated to grow by USD 25.88 billion from 2020 to 2025. In addition, the market’s growth momentum will accelerate at a CAGR of 9.64% during the forecast period. The company intends to hire specialized online marketing firms to benefit market growth. BioLife wants to augment its presence on social media through social media campaigns (Twitter, Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin). The goal here is to generate leads from the public, small businesses, and large corporations about the benefits of BioLife products and their processes.

Bottom Line

BioLife Sciences (OTC: BLFE) provides breakthrough technologies led by its Mfusion process. The company’s flagship project could result in a significant return on investment and significantly increase the company’s market cap. Moreover, its new partnership with Work In Motion should propel the company toward revenues. The extensive wholesale and distribution network is what BioLife needs, and the company continues to build its structure. More than ever, the company is undervalued and flies under the radar.

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