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Fandifi Technology strengthens its fundamentals (CSE: FDM, OTC: FDMSF)


Fandifi Technology Corp (CSE: FDM, OTC: FDMSF), a crowd-based and system-generated fan engagement platform, did several backstage works from the management board to fundamentals with its warrants. The company also extends possible revenues by adding new partnerships, notably with Esports Awards. The recent partnership will lead to present-day #1 of LVL UP Las Vegas. A lot of significant milestones for a company that is undervalued.

r/PennyCatalysts - Fandifi Technology strengthens its fundamentals (CSE: FDM, OTC: FDMSF)

Fandifi Technology Corp

Fandifi Technology Corp (CSE: FDM, OTC: FDMSF) is a tech play in the era of time. Fandifi is involved in 2 sectors, on the one hand, by building a fan engagement platform, and on the other hand, by operating an NFT marketplace where rewards can be bought, sold, or traded on an interoperable blockchain agnostic platform. But let’s focus on its engagement platform. Fandifi built the Leading Fan Engagement prediction technology, encouraging and rewarding users for being the most significant & wisest fans. What is interesting about this technology is it turns casual fans into “superfans” by allowing them to become part of the action and go head-to-head with other fans in support of their favorite content creator. Available on Android and IOS mobile devices, the company can reach a broader audience.

r/PennyCatalysts - Fandifi Technology strengthens its fundamentals (CSE: FDM, OTC: FDMSF)

The company announced on November 28, 2022, that it had entered into a new partnership with Esports Awards, t present day #1 of LVL Up Las Vegas, which will take place December 11-13, coinciding with the 2022 Esports Awards. LVL Up is simply the ultimate esports business arena. There, participants will be able to attend conferences, sessions, and networking. It is a strong opportunity for the company to gain more exposure and maybe new partnerships.

“We are honored and excited to participate in the LVL Up esports business arena. Being able to network with leading brands, influencers, platforms, publishers, and other esports industry leaders will provide us with a fantastic opportunity to raise brand awareness and market positioning for Fandifi’s fan engagement platform. We’re looking forward to connecting with new and prospective partners while showcasing the Fandifi platform,”
David Vinokurov, Fandifi CEO and President.

In early December, Fandifi also stated it welcomed Ryan McCumber to the advisory board. Ryan McCumber is the founder and CEO of, a consultancy and advisory firm focused on innovation, driving the global sports and esports sector forward. About Ryan, his expertise encompasses growth strategy, international business development, capital investments, and board advisory. Ryan explains the Fandifi platform presents a compelling use case for teams and organizations looking to engage and interact with their fans in new and unique ways. The other positive factor of Ryan’s addition is he will be able to introduce Fandifit to his network. Combined with his venue, Ryan McCumber received 200,000 options at a price of $0.10. The options are vested immediately and will expire on December 6, 2027.

“Having Ryan join the advisory board is another testament to the versatility of our platform both from a content and technology perspective. Our team is looking forward to working with Ryan to utilize all aspects of his past contacts and experience,” states David Vinokurov, Fandifi CEO

r/PennyCatalysts - Fandifi Technology strengthens its fundamentals (CSE: FDM, OTC: FDMSF)

Let’s focus now on fundamentals with Fandifi’s financial statement for the period ending June 31. The company holds a solid balance sheet with $1,8M in cash and $3.3M in total assets, for only $38k in liabilities, meaning the company doesn’t hold a debt. Besides, at the time, the company’s fan engagement platform wasn’t live yet, which is why the company hasn’t reported any income. Besides, the company spent $232k in consulting and management fees and $324k in platform development costs and, added to other lower expenses, used $708k over the quarter.

About the share structure, the company has 82M shares issued and outstanding, combined with 35M warrants at a weighted average exercise price of $0.29. An exciting piece of information, Fandifi extended the expiry date of 10,845,398 outstanding share purchase warrants exercisable at $0.10 per common share from December 18, 2022, to March 1, 2023. Fandifi also has 8.7M options for a weighted average exercise price of $0.24. On September 5, 2022, the company canceled a total of 425,000 stock options held by a former director and a former consultant. The percentage owned by insiders is 25% of the company. FDM’s stock price is currently worth $0.055 for a meager $4.5M market cap. The stock price is now traded at its 52-week low, while it witnessed a 52-week high of $0.26. The tech sector is under pressure, and market conditions have negatively affected many emerging companies. Once again, the company doesn’t generate revenues yet, which is hard for investors to put a valuable market cap. Once Fandifi generates revenues, it will be easier to put a significant market cap higher than the current one.

Bottom Line

Fandifi Technology Corp (CSE: FDM, OTC: FDMSF) is a tech play involved in fans engagement platform and NFTs. The company strengthens its board while it continues to add partnerships helping the company to gain more exposure. The live fan engagement platform will generate revenues for the company, and this is what investors want to see. Grabbing shares at the current price when the company hasn’t reported financials with income could help to see a significant return on investment for a tech play.

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