Cutting-Edge AI for Mining Explorations: Windfall Geotek (TSXV: WIN, OTC: WINKF)


Windfall Geotek (TSXV: WIN, OTC: WINKF) uses AI for mining explorations. Doing this has several advantages, as it notably reduces costs and increases efficiency, and ultimately raises the company exploration success rate. Windfall also improved its financial statements by reducing expenses and augmenting its revenue. 

WIN is not a mining company. It is a cutting-edge AI mining service that identifies drill targets, saving time and money and vastly reducing exploratory drilling. It was established in 2005.

Windfall Geotek’s AI technology analyzes geological data from various target sources to generate the highest probable drill targets. Its technology works for all metals. The company takes geological data from multiple sources, including drill holes and rock samples, publicly available sources, and others, to build models that can accurately predict where a particular metal or group of metals is likely to be found. 

WIN’s value proposition? Instead of mining companies and engineers ‘guessing’ where to drill, Windfall’s AI technology uses machine learning to process large quantities of data to predict zones with the desired mineralization. The benefits are apparent, and the Company has put it in a very strong financial position.

  • $1.2M in cash and $2.47M in total assets with no debt
  • Windfall holds several marketable securities worth $871k. 
  • Its most significant ownership stake is in Puma Exploration, worth $228k for 1.2M shares, and Power Nickel representing $210k for 1.4M shares. 
  • The company issued 133.6M shares, 8.26M options (avg. price: $0.10) and 19.6M warrants (avg. price: $0.25). 
  • The company has no current plans to exercise either option or warrants. 

Here is a link to WINN’s Equity Portfolio. Below the ‘assets held’ chart are the further significant Royalties payable to Windfall.

WIN’s formative technology can be illustrated by delving into the Chapais area in Quebec.

Dinesh Kandanchatha, Chairman of Windfall Geotek, commented: “We are excited to partner with the team at Quebec Copper & Gold. Windfall Geotek intends to play a key part through our AI to help the project succeed.” Highlights of the Chapais Property: Large property with 36 claims and 1,560 hectares located 490 km northwest of Montreal. Road accessible with power grid access.”

Windfall Geotek AI system has generated significant gold, copper, and zinc targets across the entire land package.

The Chapais property was sold to Quebec Copper and Gold for 500,000 shares & issuing a 2% NSR subject to a 1% buyback. Windfall Geotek will take all available data and conduct a large-scale AI targeting project over both Opemiska & Chapais Project, which will then be owned by Quebec Copper & Gold.

Nathan Tribble P.Geo, WIN Director, commented: “The Chapais Property is well situated in a prolific region that has produced over 1 billion pounds of copper and 1 million ounces of gold. It’s exciting to see the large AI-generated targets within favorable rock types that were host to the historic Perry and Springer mines adjacent to our land package. During this new supercycle of electrification metals this is a fabulous project that should gain a lot of attention here in short order.”

  • A detailed and informative discussion of the AI Mining Process is here.
  • The market for AI services in the mining industry is forecast to be worth US$240 million by 2024, up from US$76 million in 2019, according to GlobalData. So, how should investors position themselves? 66% of mining companies are using AI in 2022, up from 57% in 2021, according to the latest survey from Axora.
  • Windfall has identified gold, copper, and zinc targets. The use of drones also enhances methods.
  • WIN’s EagleEye Drones will begin tests in the mining sector with the acquisition and analysis of survey data. The company plans to partner with operators of leading surveying companies to obtain geophysical data and generate potential drill targets using drones, modified sensors, and the CARDS AI software system.

Bottom Line

This story has legs. The ability to save money, time, and resources makes mineral exploration exceptionally cost-effective, raising profits while cutting costs. Logic dictates areas that might have been too expensive to do traditional discovery tests and processes are open.

It doesn’t get much more complicated. The advantage comes as Windfall Geotek advances its scope of business and leverages the ongoing development of its technology.

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