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Pharmagreen Biotech (OTC: PHBI) was primarily involved in the production of cannabis with its Long Valley Farms facility in California. Pharmagreen took a significant turn and decided to be involved in a unique market that can help everybody in our day-to-day life, the nutraceutical industry. Combined with this new opportunity, Pharmagreen “drafted” the professional player Tyrell Crosby as its honorary sports ambassador. Not bad for a USD $2.5M market company that already hooked Ethan Styles as VPVP of product research and development.

About Pharmagreen

Pharmagreen Biotech (OTC: PHBI). Pharmagreen builds a vertically integrated cannabis business in California. The company uses “Chibafreen,” a proprietary tissue culture system ensuring that all plants are disease and pest free while maintaining uniformity from generation to generation. It is also good to mention the farm is vegan and non-spray certified by the count of Mendocino. Thanks to its technology, the company can ensure the cultivation and manufacture of the highest quality craft cannabis products. The company also decided to develop a nutraceutical formulation in early September, combining fifteen medicinal plants and mushroom ingredients.

Something important, Peter Wojcik (CEO), the company is laser-focused on getting revenues with the lowest CAPEX as soon as possible. The company doesn’t have any income right now, but once it can generate revenue, the market cap should significantly augment. PHBI is traded at less than a dime with a current stock price of $0.005, representing a market cap of $2.1M. Besides, the 52-week range goes from $0.001 to $0.024, meaning the stock price has room to grow. Investors are waiting for the company to generate revenue; once it occurs, it could create a FOMO.

Nutraceuticals + Tyrell Crosby = Success

Let’s digest this intriguing word named “nutraceuticals.” Surprisingly, this is a word we don’t often hear while using it every day. Nutraceuticals are specially designed consumable products from various food sources with high concentrations of bioactive compounds with several nutritional, health, and medicinal benefits. So how do we use it, then? We use nutraceuticals to improve health and prevent chronic diseases and mental health. According to Business Research Company, another important piece of information is they have a potentially positive effect on health conditions, including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, inflammation, cancer, etc. According to Zion Market Research, the nutraceutical industry is growing fast and could reach nearly $750B by 2028, with a CAGR of 8.8% over the next six years. The growth is explained because consumers are more aware of the benefits resulting from medicinal plants and fungi keep expanding.

This why the addition of Tyrell Crosby as an honorary ambassador shows first the sector is sustainable. Then, the company’s product named NutraMax Genomix Supplement could potentially be a breakthrough asset. Pharmagreen’s proprietary blend is unique to the market, a nutrigenomic supplement for the utmost mind and body experience. Nutrigenomics, or nutritional genomics, concerns the relationship between nutrients, diet, and genetic expression. Pharmagreen created this new line of genomic supplements because health and wellness start on the cellular level. You are wrong if you think you would have to go to small shops to acquire these products. They will be mass-distributed and available for purchase through Shopify, Amazon, other third-party online outlets, and the company’s own pending online store. It couldn’t be even better as the company targets its product to become a worldwide household brand to support everyone’s everyday well-being.

Its first supply of NutraMax Supplement enteric capsules is produced at a Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) certified production facility in the U.SU.S. All organic plant and fungi biomaterial is tested and certified for its contaminant-free content. A certificate of analysis is matched with the suppliers. Tyrell Crosby is very optimistic and believes Pharmagreen is on something great. As an athlete, he understands what his peers need, and he is convinced NutraMax could help athletes in their performance and everyday body and mind balance. Peter Wojcik, CEO, is excited to onboard the professional player as he will be a knowledgeable brand ambassador.

“The NutraMax formulation is designed for individuals’ overall wellness, and it gives me great pleasure and satisfaction when I hear such an enthusiastic endorsement from a top professional athlete such as Tyrell Crosby using our product and experiencing the benefits and spreading the word. Nutrigenomics is an emerging and fascinating science on the cutting edge of our knowledge of human health, and I am really excited to bring these unique combinations to market.”
Mr. Ethan Styles, Pharmagreen’s VP of Product Research and Development

But what about Ethan Styles? Mr. Styles is a third-generation Mendocino County, California, legacy cannabis cultivator at Long Valley Farms. He employs veganic farming techniques to produce superior craft products and utilizes the same ultra-sustainable methods to grow a wide variety of medicinal plants and mushrooms. Through his ongoing graduate studies, Mr. Styles’ knowledge of molecular cell biology dovetails with many of the company’s existing strengths. With Mr. Styles on board, Pharmagreen intends to use its in-house expertise in veganic, organics, tissue culture (Chibafreen), good farming practices, molecular biology, and genomic technologies in the future production of plant and fungi biomaterial.

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Bottom Line

Pharmagreen Biotech (OTC: PHBI) develops products in the cannabis and nutraceuticals sectors and these products should be sold in 2023, signifying they could witness revenues. With Ethan Styles and Tyrell Crosby onboard, Pharmagreen obtained a solid board. The share price is low, but income data could trigger a FOMO.

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