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BioLife Sciences (BLFE), a company that develops, licenses, and distributes antibacterial products and non-contact human temperature screening technology, witnessed recently, on December 2021, a moment of fame when its stock price reached $2. Since then, the stock underwent a downtrend and scared plenty of investors. The company now has an incredibly meager market cap representing only $12k. Given the company’s previous increase in valuation, combined with the new products & market growth prospect, investing now in BioLife looks like a bargain.

Let’s get to know about Biolife Sciences

BioLife Sciences (BLFE) aims to shape the future. Involved in disruptive technologies for the healthcare, beauty, and food & beverage sectors, the company uses cutting-edge technologies to transform everyday products into superior designs that provide consumers with safer and more effective alternatives to complete daily tasks.

One of BioLife Sciences’ avant-garde solutions is the MFusion process. Copper has been revealed to have many benefits, including inactivating various enveloped and nonenveloped viruses, such as bacteriophages, bronchitis, poliovirus, herpes simplex virus, and HIV-1. One way to achieve these benefits is to infuse copper directly into fabrics, allowing consumers a new way to take advantage of copper’s antimicrobial benefits and protections. The company offers a copper-based antimicrobial technology incorporated now into the textile fibers of clothing and other similar garments. The copper-infused garments harness the unique properties of the copper listed above, including its well-known and scientifically proven broad-spectrum antibacterial element, which kills 99.99% of bacteria within two hours of contact.

The Mfusion Process

BioLife revolutionizes the copper infusion garment industry by introducing its unique copper infusion process. The company intends to launch three new products throughout 2022-2023:

-BioLife antimicrobial copper fabric pot;

-BioLife copper-infused gardening gloves;

BioLife copper-infused microfiber towels.

These products will help the company have a strong position in the gardening, farming, and agricultural communities, focusing on copper’s algaecide, fungicide, and molluscicide abilities.

Most Recent News

On August 24, the company announced today that it would be expanding the scope of its orthomolecular medicine and natural health products division, with a specific focus on disruptive hemp products.

The company will focus on new and innovative product infusions centered around North American Grown, third-party tested industrial hemp geared towards providing consumers with an array of new and more effective options. BioLife will be focused on throat and cough syrups infused with cannabinoids, cannabinoid-infused teas, and CBD Energy Shots. Additionally, the company will focus on pet products infused with cannabinoids which offer wellness support for cats and dogs.

“We are so thrilled that BioLife will be focusing on this stream of business focusing on products in the marketplace which are not only disruptors but that are beneficial and useful products for consumers to seek out.”

Nika Jaksic, COO

How big is the market?

The US home and garden is worth $2.4B and has recently seen substantial growth during the Covid-19 pandemic, with people gardening in to spare time. The pandemic introduced a new segment of gardeners to the market, with a recent study showing that 26% of current home gardeners started gardening partly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the length of the pandemic, it is expected that 30% will continue the hobby after lockdowns and mandates have been completely removed, while an estimated 70% will abandon the practice. Based on these forecasts, BioLife will target the 30% who stick with their newfound gardening hobby as a primary focus. Many of these new gardeners are millennials who use social media networks and gardening influencers as reference points for items best suited to their needs.

Nika JAKŠIĆ (CEO) leads the company. In her past experiences, Nika JAKŠIĆ was the founder and former CEO of Health Box, which Biolife acquired in early 2022. She also spent years researching the relationship between aerobic fitness, nutritional therapy, meal planning, dietary guidance, and proper botanical supplement intake within the field of gerontology, with a focus on the loss of brain tissue in aging humans.

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Marketing Plan for New product launches

To increase the company’s product awareness, BioLife intends to hire new marketing operations staff while partnering with a marketing consulting firm. The company will focus on digitalization marketing with blogging, sponsor news articles, press releases, SEO ranking, and relationship building, and increase its presence through social media campaigns (via Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin). According to the company, a marketing firm will assist in creating video and media presentations, podcasts, and webcasts. This plan aims to generate leads to inform the public, small businesses, and large corporations about the benefits of BioLife products and their processes. In the meantime, an investor relations firm will also be brought on to assist BioLife in corporate advising, responding to shareholder inquiries, crisis control, due diligence reporting, press release content management, social media content management, hosting virtual shareholder meetings, and conducting live and virtual quarterly earnings announcements and proxy votes.

Some of BioLife’s competitors notably include Tommie Copper, Copper 88, Copper Fit, Copper Compression, Copper Heal, and Copper Tek.

What Should you Remember?

The company (BLFE) develops several innovative products thanks to its Mfusion process. Biolife Sciences is currently strongly undervalued, given the size of the US gardening market. The stock price is currently on pause, but any important news should bring more interest and increase the company’s market cap.

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