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Maybe you haven’t noticed it, but Fandifi (FMD.CN)’s volume has incredibly augmented on August 2, and it’s caught the eye of many investors. Indeed almost 400,000 shares were traded during last week’s session, worth five times more than usual sessions (the daily average is 77k). As you might read on investors’ forums, “is there something brewing”? Was a piece of relevant information shared during the last company’s webinar? Until we discover the following news release, it would be great to do a small recap of the company’s previous highlights.

But First, Why is Fandifi’s Technology Innovative?

Fandifi Technology is a pure, innovative tech play. On the one hand, the company builds a crowd-based and system-generated prediction and fan engagement platform. On the other hand, Fandifi operates an NFT marketplace where rewards can be bought, sold, or traded on an interoperable blockchain agnostic platform.

Why is it very strategic to hold an engagement platform? In our modern era, streaming platforms appear to be the new media winners. The Wall Street Journal states, “Sports leagues, especially Major League Baseball, are seeing declines in younger viewership. The change comes as people turn away from traditional TV viewing and toward social media, video games, and streaming TV”. Numbers approve the trend. Western game streaming reached 8.8 billion hours viewed in Q1, representing an 80% increase year-over-year. In the USA, back in June 2021, cable television accounted for 40.1% of all video viewing. One year later, cable’s share had dropped by five points to 35.1%.

Conversely, in June 2022, streaming video exceeded one-third (33.7%) of all video viewing for the first time, a sizable increase from the 27.4% share just one year ago. The viewing share of streaming video has risen every month since March increasing four share points during that time. The shares of broadcast television stood at 22.4% in June, the lowest over the past twelve months.

Fandifi’s unique technology brings engagement for creators and fans that enables deeper connections with live content through several platforms. The company has built the leading Fan Engagement prediction technology that encourages and rewards users for being the most significant & wisest fans. Fandifi’s platform turns casual fans into Superfans by allowing them to become part of the action going head to head with other fans in support of their favorite content creator or team. To reach a broader audience, the company operates on Android and IOS mobile devices and has an Exclusive Sports & Esports license for purpose -built Unified Information Access (UIA) platform. In simple words, it is the league for the fans.

“Fandifi empowers global content creators with a unique crowd-based and system-generated prediction engine that increases fan engagement and satisfaction through unique content.”

David Vinokurov (CEO) leads the company. David is a seasoned capital markets professional involved in numerous aspects of corporate management and deploying capital market strategies for publicly listed companies. David is a focused, determined, competent member of management and advisory boards of companies in the gaming, esports, gaming, technology, fintech, and natural resource sectors.

On August 11, Fandifi hosted a webinar presented by David Vinokurov (CEO & president). David Vinokurov presented the company’s story, including an overview of current operations and upcoming milestones. He also provided a live demonstration of the Fandifi platform highlighting the prediction and gamification capabilities for streamed and broadcast content. Once the presentation was done, investors we able to ask many questions. One of the most interesting ones was about partnerships. David Vinokurov said they would arrive soon. All we need is an official news release to state this declaration.

Asia, Here Fandifi Comes

On May 31, the company announced It had entered into an affiliate marketing and business development agreement with Blockgration Global Corp. This company provides access to a digital asset platform that can provide liquidity to investors and companies operating in its ecosystems. Blockgration currently owns and deploys a diversified set of blockchain as a service (BaaS) solutions that can be customized for different vertical industries. Their proprietary processing platform integrates multiple product-based operational applications to provide one-stop solutions to strategic partners, clients, investors, and customers.

“Blockgration’s existing platform deployment in Indonesia, India, and the Philippines give us a toe hold in new markets and a strong presence on the ground with local partners to expand and grow the Fandifi footprint.”

David Vinokurov, Fandifi CEO and President

What Should You Remember?

-Fandifi (FMD.CN) saw its volume increasing without news suggesting a possible rebound;

-The company is also expanding to Asia, meaning Fandifi is targeting a worldwide use of its platforms;

-Once the company has partnerships, it will lead to a substantial increase in revenue + new partnership opportunities;

-The stock price remains low/undervalued, but many technical indicators mention the stock is currently a BUY.

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